Franchise Purchase Agreement Template

21. September 2021    

This contract remains active for a period of one year after signing, unless one of the following conditions occurs: If you create a franchise agreement, it is also important to include a declaration or termination clause. As a rule, such a clause contains statements for the franchisee or franchisee: you can download one of our free templates or templates to make it easier for you to enter your franchise agreement. While this can change from franchise to franchise, typical franchise fees are around $US 20,000 to $US 35,000. There are also on-going royalties and franchise fees that are separate from the original franchise. The company has the right to refuse to sell or transfer ownership of the franchise site for any reason. 1. The franchisee may not assign or delegate its franchise or other rights or obligations arising from this contract, but may sell its business with the prior written consent of the franchisee and, under the conditions indicated in (2), the franchisor undertakes to grant an agreement for a period of at least .. the years beginning with the date of the sale of the said transaction, such an agreement, in the form of the standard agreement that the franchisee offers at that time to his franchisee; The franchise rule requires the provision to a potential franchisee of a franchisee record document (FDD) describing twenty-three „items“ related to the franchisee`s activities. An FDD is intended to give potential franchisees a clear picture of the franchisee`s business, senior managers and other franchisees. Among the 23 elements needed, some include past or ongoing litigation regarding the franchise, the financial health of the franchise, training programs and other support programs made available to franchisees by the franchisee, the list of existing franchise outlets and the franchise`s trademarks, copyrights and patents. Please note that this franchise agreement is only an agreement and does not contain the required disclosure document in accordance with the franchise rule. The franchise agreement sets out the requirements and expectations of the franchisee that the franchisee must accept in order for the franchisee to manage his business under the franchisee`s brand.

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