Ecb Loan Agreement India

18. September 2021    

The borrower must receive a Loan Registration Number (LRN) from the Reserve Bank of India before putting the ECB in Denkne. The procedure for obtaining LRN is described in paragraph II (i) (b). (c) The use of the ECB`s revenue shall not be permitted for working capital, the general purpose of the undertaking and the repayment of existing rupee credits. c) The borrower may only resort to the loan after receiving the credit registration number from DSIM, Reserve Bank of India. The ECB`s advance of up to USD 500 million may be authorised by AD banks without the prior authorisation of the RBI, subject to compliance with the average minimum duration set for the loan. (a) external commercial borrowing (ECB) relates to commercial loans (e.g. in the form of bank loans, buyer loans, supplier loans, securitised instruments (e.g.B. variable rate bonds and fixed income bonds) that are used by non-resident lenders with an average term of three years. Trade credits (TC) are loans granted directly for imports by the foreign supplier, bank and financial institution with a term of less than three years. Depending on the origin of the loans, these commercial loans include supplier loans or loans to the buyer. Supplier credit relates to loans granted in India by the foreign supplier, while buyer credit relates to loans for the payment of imports into India that have been arranged by the importer by a bank or financial institution outside India with a term of less than three years. It should be noted that, for three years or more, buyer loans and supplier loans fall under the category of external commercial loans (ECB) subject to the ECB Guidelines. (a) in order to simplify the procedure, it is not necessary to present a copy of the loan agreement.

For the ECB route, i.e. the automatic route and authorisation, the ECB`s central banks` down payment may authorise up to $500 million without the prior authorisation of the RBI (see circular), subject to compliance with the minimum average duration set for the loan (MAMP). However, for the authorization, a deposit of more than $500 million would be considered by the RBI as part of the authorization route. The first documentation includes the completion of the ECB form, the credit agreement, the establishment of the average duration, the repayment and interest payment plan and the letter of requirement. .