Copier Rental Agreement Form

16. September 2021    

After placing an order for an online photocopier, an after-sales service agent sends you the order form and rental document for the Xerox photocopier. Both require your signature and authorization. At the time of contract award, we do not yet know which leasing company will offer your copy rental. You can find a more detailed overview of the copy rental process in our free guide: The Newbie`s Guide to Leasing an Office Copier. Intermediate rent. Lenders adhere to settlement cycles containing certain default data, such as the first or 15th of the month. If your equipment arrives before the first billing cycle, you may be charged an interim lease payment to cover the period during which you had the photocopier before the contract start date. Standard rental agreements have different conditions, which should be read carefully. If you would like a specific leasing company to service your copier leasing, please inform the customer service agent. Fair market value. It is not uncommon to sign a photocopier rental agreement that will give you the opportunity to purchase the photocopier at the end of the rental agreement.

Companies usually opt to purchase a photocopier at the end of a short-term lease, as the photocopier with a longer lifespan is likely and has not reached a stage of unreliability. The purchase price set by the bank is usually between 25 and 30 percent of the initial cost of the machine. If you are asking photocopier leasing companies for suggestions, it is important that you are aware of your photocopier requests. Start with a needs analysis so you don`t fall into the trap of a high-pressure pitch as you need more photocopiers than you need and an expensive monthly rental bill. You can avoid copyr-lease over-overkill by evaluating exactly how many copies you create in a month. If you make 20,000 copies a month, you don`t have a machine that can produce 200,000 copies a month. Don`t pay for the volume you don`t need. The same goes for other functions: talk to your colleagues to find out what copy functions they need. Many leasing companies allow you to add photocopiers to a lease and recaculate the lease based on the additional equipment.

Look carefully at the figures of hidden rate increases and make sure that you do not pay more than the value of the equipment. 2 We would like to order Konica Model: ______. Note to medical campus customers: It is recommended that you collaborate with your local MCIT support to enable print/scan features. Please let us know if these features need to be disabled when ordering devices. Currently on MiWorkSpace? YES NO Planned migration to MiWorkSpace? YES NO DATE: ____ With the following functions: Photocopier Print Scan – also fill out the Fax Copier Network Evaluation Form – please also fill out the Network Evaluation Form Please follow the contract price list to fill in the following information before sending both forms…