Civil Aircraft Free Trade Agreement

14. September 2021    

Where a Party has reason to believe that other indirect government assistance results in a significant reduction in the costs of large civil aircraft, the Parties shall consult those reductions in order to quantify those reductions and incorporate them into the calculation described above. Desiring to provide their civil aircraft activities with fair and equal opportunities for competition and to enable their manufacturers to participate in the expansion of the world market for civil aircraft, Agreement between the European Economic Community and the Government of the United States of America on the application of the GATT Convention on Trade in Civil Aircraft on Trade in Large Civil Aircraft 8.7 Does a Signatory consider, its commercial interests in the manufacture, repair, maintenance, reconstruction, modification or conversion of civil aircraft have been or may be affected by measures taken by another signatory, it may request a review of the matter by the Committee. `derivative` means an aircraft model whose essential design elements are derived from an older aircraft model; 6.2 The Signatories agree that the pricing of civil aircraft should be based on a reasonable forecast of recovery of all costs, including one-time program costs, identifiable and proportionate military research and development costs of aircraft, components and systems, which will then be applied to the production of such civil aircraft, average production costs and financial costs. . . .