Tyco Agreement

13. April 2021    

This agreement (a) is from and under Tyco Integrated Security LLC. (`Tyco`, `Wir`, `Unser` or `Unser`), the Tyco customer, their account (defined below) and, if applicable, the account of its affiliates via the website („customer,“ „you“ or „you“), and anyone who authorizes you to access the information contained in the Site and who use the Services (together „User“) and (b) contains conditions that govern the use of the website and services. This Agreement is effective if you or your authorized agent (hereafter the agent) have agreed to its terms and conditions in the first place. By agreeing to the terms of this Agreement and/or the use of the Site and/or Services (a) you, your authorized agent, if any, and each user understands and accepts that each of them is bound by this Agreement and (b) if you are not an individual, make sure with your authorized agent and guarantee that your authorized agent has been duly authorized to enter into this agreement on your behalf and to bind you to your commitments. This agreement is also subject to the terms of any other agreement between you and Tyco under which Tyco provides security services and/or electronic equipment („Alert Services Agreement“). Your use and users` use of the services available on the website are also subject to additional terms of use that must be accepted for access to this service. If a provision of this Contract, the Service Alert Agreement, the authorization you provide for the use of a service or other conditions that you may have agreed to use to use this site, or an inconsistency of that site Or an inconsistency, the stricter provision, as set by Tyco at its discretion, is a priority and control. DataSource Service`s Internet Use Agreement (the „Agreement“) describes the conditions under which users (defined below) can access and use the datasource.tycois.com site (the „website“) and the Tyco (Services) data services available there. Access to the website and Services is only granted if the Customer (defined below) and each user agree to the conditions set out in it. 7. Payment for service. Unless otherwise stated, all charges are listed in U.S.

dollars. The fee is added to your next monthly bill. You are responsible for paying all fees related to the use of the service and website, as well as all taxes payable. The above taxes can be changed at any time. If the fee increases, Tyco will send you a notice 30 days before the expected increase. On this date, you can continue or stop using the site.