Rahul Gandhi Signing Agreement With China

11. April 2021    

So what is the CPC`s International Liaison Service with which the Indian National Congress has signed an agreement? And why do many intelligence and policy experts watching China around the world think that the CPC ILD expresses more power over the Chinese government than its Foreign Ministry? GoaChronicle.com investigation. The 2008 memo was signed by Rahul Gandhi with a secret wing of the Secret Service of the Chinese state apparatus that uses the country`s embassies abroad to come to an end. Remember Rahul`s comfort with the Chinese ambassador and the role of Chinese embassies in supporting the OLI in Nepal The CPC Central Committee continues to use the ILD to promote Beijing`s long-term interest in friendly relations with emerging foreign politicians and influencers, even though current relations between states are controversial. „The ILD, although a party department, was comparable to many branches of the Council of State (government). Their main task was to maintain contacts with friendly communist parties in communist-ruled countries and to find, nurture and develop pro-Chinese sentiments wherever they were found. As such, she often worked hand-in-hand with foreign AMF collaborators in embassies. At the same time. The available evidence shows that mfA and ILD have carefully separated their functions. ILD staff have a „higher status“ and are better paid than government agencies because the ILD is a party organization. Even the SC is surprised by the MoU that the Congress Party has signed with the Chinese government…

Ms. Gandhi and her son, who led the signing, must explain it. Does this explain the donations to RGF and the opening of the Indian market to the Chinese in return, which affects Indian companies? pic.twitter.com/hidmbcbO7Z The BJP and Congress delivered a fierce political faceoff in the wake of China`s aggression in eastern Ladakh, which led to India`s death in Galwan last week, with Congress relentlessly accusing the Modi government of its relations with China and the BJP with accusations of „collusion“ with Beijing. The CPC`s International Liaison Service states on its official websites that its functional characteristics are: it is a functional body of the CPC Central Committee that is responsible for the international work of the party. Its main tasks are threefold: to implement the principles and policies of the Central Committee on its external work, to closely monitor developments and changes in the global situation and key global issues; exchange and communicate the party with foreign political parties and organisations mandated by the Central Committee; Coordinating the management of international departmental exchanges directly between the committees of the central committee and the party of the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities under the direct jurisdiction of the central government.